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24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring provides increased peace of mind at a low monthly cost
Let's face it. If you ever experience a break-in, fire or medical emergency, the one thing you want most is for help to be dispatched as soon as possible. An audible alarm often is ignored by neighbors. Sometimes, it is not heard at all. So, if you are not able to call for help yourself, it may be too late before assistance arrives.

On the other hand, if your alarm is monitored 24 hours, 365 days a year, we receive a signal the instant your alarm is activated. One of our highly trained operators determines the type of emergency, verifies the alarm, and immediately notifies the authorities. It's done calmly, professionally and with complete, accurate information at our fingertips. Your local police, fire or emergency medical technicians are able to reach you fully informed and ready to handle your situation more efficiently. In addition, the individuals that you place on your responder list are also notified of the emergency and that the authorities have been sent. This added dimension of communication goes beyond what any audible-only alarm can achieve today.

Research tells us that a home with a professionally installed, monitored alarm is 15 times less
likely to experience a break-in than a home without an alarm. Armed with these facts, the decision to have an alarm system installed in your home is an easy one. To have your system monitored by us for the added peace of mind, safety and assured fast, professional response that only a central station can provide, is also an easy choice. Your home and family are the most important things in your life.
Trusting their safety to anyone less than the best isn't even an option.